The Path to Pwnage – Part 06 What it means to be Ruthless

Ruth-less (adjective): having no pity: Merciless, Cruel

It’s easy to wax poetic with purple prose and lay on the metaphors. It’s tempting to say a ruthless raider leaves no stone unturned, does not relent, and does not show mercy upon WoW bosses. Every advantage is exploited. Every opportunity is taken. Every idea considered. I have, however, been part of guilds where that sort of mindset has taken hold and strangely the game is no longer fun for anyone because the environment sucks in much the way extrinsically-motivated groups tend to suck. People tend to become dehumanized and viewed in terms as output producers, not human beings.

On the flip side it’s not just about having an evening full of jolly banter and maybe some boss kills. We all get one trip on space-ship earth, and I’ve decided to spend a good chunk of my time in-game with you guys, in part because I find overcoming obstacles as part of a team to be great fun. I do have a personal desire to clear content at the pace Blizzard sets, and I really don’t want to down bosses with DPS buffs or other nerfs.  I want the original challenge. And so do my fellow guild officers and all of you I’m sure.

So for me a Ruthless raider engages in constant self-assessment and improvement, and goes the extra mile to not let his or her guildies down. Whether it be tanking technique, better DPS, better heals, or helping with raid administration/leadership – constantly looking for ways to improve embodies the Ruthless mindset as I see our guild leaders envisioning it. Perhaps it’s no surprise I view it this way given my background in martial arts – I see my journey in that world much the same. But like the martial arts, no one becomes Bruce Lee overnight. You have to put the time in, both in-game and out-of-game.  The out-of-game introspection and analysis will probably be the most beneficial for both you and the guild.

Hopefully having read all of these articles all of you feel like you’ve got some new tools in your toolbox or new ideas to explore. Thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to seeing you in raid, for all of us to keep getting better, for our progression to move forward a bit more quickly, and for all us to have fun.

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