11-08-12 The Spirit Kings

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We capped the end of a productive raid week with a full night learning each of the Spirit Kings, culminating with a kill of the four horseless horsemen of the horseless apocalypse. The only thing better than killing three NEW bosses in a week was the face rape we experienced on the trash leading to Elegon.

Study up on the Elegon fight. We’re diving into progression Wednesday and Thursday thanks to this week’s one-night four-boss farm!

P.S. Pinnick is a Pretty Panda. That’s alliteration.

Benefits of Joining LFR Night

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As easy as it is, we’ve taken the opportunity to use Saturday night’s LFR to discuss strategies on new boss encounters. If you are not participating, you’re missing out.


  • Stompalina getting lost finding her way back to the raid group
  • Pinnick and Haf learning how to tank together
  • See how guild management discusses strategy development

Every raid night is also now streamed on the LIVE RAIDS page. Even if you aren’t in the main raid, you can watch and learn from lots of raid role POVs.