Fondre with Gamebreaker.TVBound is open to anyone who has an interest in playing World of Warcraft with other mature players, who possess a considerable amount of raiding experience, and a drive to play through competitive endgame content. After reading more, please feel free to submit an application for membership as an Ascendant.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday – Thursday, 10PM-1AM Eastern (Server).

What do we expect from guild members?

Simply put, we expect for members to have fun while at the same time creating a fun environment for their guild mates. We want courteous players who are mindful of others whether that’s in guild chat, a party or trade channel. It’s all too easy to have the entire reputation of a guild marred by the actions of one person. I can assure you that anything construed by the guild leadership as detrimental to the reputation of this guild will be addressed quickly and may lead to removal of members from the guild.

To submit an application, please visit our forums.

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