Please keep in mind that all ranks are also responsible for the same roles as the rank above them in this list if applicable.


Voyeur - Social Member

Not all members of the guild have an interest in raiding consistently, or even at all, so we have created this rank for the cool people we have who support and encourage the raiding ranks. Voyeurs are not expected to research raid strats, but we do encourage you to take the time to research your class. Voyeurs are encouraged to support the raiding ranks by helping with administration, and staying active on the Guild Website and Forums.

  • Voyeurs are not listed as raiders, but are encouraged to be prepared in case they are "called up" to fill in the ranks
  • Voyeurs are also encouraged to aid the guild's raiding core by helping to provide materials for consumables (i.e. fish, herbs, etc)


Ascendant - Casual Raider

We strongly encourage all guild members to try their hand at Mythic raiding because to us they are the most challenging part of the game given the teamwork involved. Ascendants are those members who have voiced an interest in becoming one of The Ruthless, or they've stepped down from The Ruthless rank because of attendance issues and/or performance expectations not being met.

  • Any Ascendant who has 0% attendance for more than a month will be demoted to Voyeur without notice
  • Any Ascendant who is not working towards a Ruthless rank will be demoted
  • Ascendants are EXPECTED to know their role within raids or battlegrounds to the fullest extent. Coming events prepared, studying strats ahead of time, asking questions on the forums, and discussing strat modifications between attempts are all ways to work towards the next rank.


Ruthless - Mythic Raider

These players are those that have not just voiced an interest in raiding, but have also proven that they are willing to subject themselves to the rigors that this entails. However, with the reward of rank comes the pressure to progress. Ruthless are subject to scrutiny when it comes to giving every bit of effort to aid the guild in raid progression.

Ruthless are expected to:

  • Maintain 80% Attendance
  • Come to Raids having previously reviewed and discussed the planned strategies
  • Constructively discuss attempt progressing while learning new raid encounters
  • Give reasonable notice of planned AFKs during raid nights
  • Actively discuss raid encounters and engage in disgustingly perverted discussions on the guild forums
  • Review and discuss raid analytics based upon raid meters while learning new raid encounters


Inquisitor - Raid Assist

These players are seasoned raiders, ready to step up to the plate at a moment's notice to handle any and all duties required to run our raids.

Inquisitors are expected to:

  • Maintain 80% Attendance
  • Come to Raids having previously reviewed all raid role's responsibilities for each encounter for the evening
  • Posses the ability to provide creative and constructive feedback to other raid members
  • Give reasonable notice of planned AFKs during raid nights
  • Highly active on the guild forums - sparking conversation about raid encounters, talent selections, glyphs, etc.
  • Highlight raid successes on the forums with analytic analysis of online meters
  • Assist with coordinating and preparing raid consumables


Sadist - Officer

Sadists make up the bulk of the "governing body" in the guild. The officers maintain the utmost authority when it comes to decisions being made for the good of the guild. Any personnel issues should be addressed with Sadists first.


Head Mistress - Guild Secretary

This rank is reserved for the administrative portion of progressive guild management.


Marquis - Guild Master

The guild leader will seldom be making decisions on their own but should there be an issue where a decision must be made, the buck will stop here. The Marquis will ultimately be responsible for keeping things on track with regards to the community within the guild and the goals set for raiding.

For more information on how ranks are adjusted, please visit Rank Adjustments.