Loot Rules
Blast Furnace

The Council consists of Porc, Azarak, and Quezacotl as the primary 3, and Chiru and Jambele are backups if needed for attendance. The purpose of the Council is to allocate gear based on our guild's best interest for progression and competitive, successful clears. Generally speaking, DPS will be considered for upgrades first as they typically have the largest impact on progression success. The Loot Council will be discussing and assigning the best recipient for gear. These factors include (and are not limited to) guild rank, item stats, currently equipped item, throughout/performance, amount of gear received recently, set bonuses active vs pieces to activate bonus, etc.

Guild Ranks are determined by the Officers. The ranks are (highest to lowest) Ruthless, then Ascendant, and finally Trial. Factors for what rank you are gets determined by Kweli and Orgim and not the Loot Council. However, loot will be prioritized by the Council towards Ruthless > Ascendant > Trial, and BIS > Main Spec > Off Spec > Transmog.


Loot Allocation
It's also incredibly important for us and for you that gear is given to the right person the first time. Currently in dungeons any piece you equip becomes instantly un-tradeable even if within the 2 hour window, and this may carry into raids. Because of this, we are stressing that everyone is well-versed in their best stats, BIS gear, as well as determining which option is the proper button in RC Loot Council you select to ensure items are allocated properly. There are different options to select in the RC addon for gear that drops. First, the WF/Socket button from WOD/Hellfire was removed (more details on that shortly). These are the buttons available you can select from, and why you would select that particular option:


Transmog is the lowest priority roll, used if you want to transmog the piece only. Self-explanatory.

Self explanatory as well, but loot is prioritized toward designated off-spec players such as Jotaux and Daffy for healing, Orgim for DPS, Unret for tanking. This also may include DPS-only classes such as Warlocks or Mages that may have a piece drop with ideal stats for their off-spec but the item will not be used for their main spec. If the item will be used for your off-spec and not your main spec, select this button.

Main Spec
A “Main Spec” upgrade would be an item that is an upgrade for you based on iLvl and stats but it doesn’t have your ideal stats. If an item drops that does not have your preferred, ideal stats BUT is an iLvl upgrade, select this button. Do not select this option if the item will be used in your off-spec only.

Best in Slot for your Main Spec. A “BIS” item has your ideal two stats (not including WF/Socket) according to the stat priorities we’ve asked everyone for. Additionally, a Socket/TF item may make the piece BIS for you even if it is not ideal stats. If the item is your ideal stats OR the TF/gem makes it BIS for you, select this button.

Artifact Relics: 
Each relic slot has 2-3 relics from Emerald Nightmare, and the majority of them are throughput related so we shouldn't have to worry about the healing traits for dps specs dropping in a raid environment. Some classes have traits that are significantly more DPS gain than other combinations available for other classes - please be prepared with which relics are BEST for YOU, trait-wise, between the available options to further help allocate BIS relics accordingly. iLvl upgrades will also be considered for relics in addition to the trait you're improving.


Loot Council in Action
Let’s look at some examples. For these examples, assume everyone is the same guild rank. These are just examples of stats that illustrate the process and may not be what actual stat preferences are.

Example 1:
A mail piece (no TF/Socket) drops that has crit/haste. The item is considered an upgrade for Jotaux, Quez, Rini, Skye because of an iLvl increase alone. The stats for this item are Quez’s top two stats, but are not the top two stats for Jotaux, Rini or Skye. Because it’s Quez’s ideal stats, he selects "BIS" through the addon; Jotaux, Rini, Skye select "Main Spec" through the addon since it is an ilvl upgrade but not the best stats for their specs. The Council would likely determine that Quez is the best recipient for this and he receives the piece of gear.

Example 2:
A mail piece drops (no TF/Socket) drops that has crit and vers. The iLvl is an upgrade for Quez, Jotaux, Rini, Skye, but the stats are not ideal for any of their specs. All people would select "Main Spec” through the addon because the stats do not make it a “BIS” upgrade for anyone. The Council would determine who the best recipient is based on factors such as current gear equipped, performance/throughput, gear received this/last week, etc. As an example, if Rini is using a piece 15 iLvls below the other 3 people, she may be considered the best recipient. Another example is if Rini and Skye have already received multiple pieces this week but are still using a lower piece currently, the Council may choose to allocate it to Jotaux to spread gear through the raid.

Example 3:
A mail piece drops that has Crit and Mastery. This item is an ideal piece for Jotaux's off-Spec (Resto), and Orgim's main spec (Resto). Jotaux would select "Off-Spec" because it is his off spec and Orgim would select "BIS" because the stats are his ideal two stats for his main spec. Loot Council would assign the loot to Orgim because main spec is prioritized over an offspec.

Seems pretty straight forward right? Let's look at two examples for TF/Socket. This is also where it gets a bit more complicated for the Council.

Example 4:
A leather piece drops with haste and crit, but it also upgraded with TF (or a gem socket, but it's unlikely that a piece without your ideal stats would become BIS because of a socket) . The haste and crit makes it a BIS piece based on ideal stats for Razzail. The TF/Gem also make it a BIS for Burning and Dyce. Razzail, Burning and Dyce would all select “BIS” through the RC addon. Loot Council would consider factors such as stat priorities, everyone’s current equipped piece of gear (quality/iLvl/stats), as well as performance/throughput, recently received gear to determine the best allocation for the gear.

Example 5:
A cloth piece drops that has crit and mastery on it, and is TF/Gem Socketed. Jambele has the same item already that is his BIS, without TF/socket, and Azarak is using a lower iLvl piece but the stats are not ideal for him. Because of the TF/Socket, for Azarak this item is BIS compared to the non-WF/socket version of Azarak's BIS piece he'd typically use in this slot. Jambele and Azarak would both select "BIS" through the RC addon. Loot Council would consider factors such as the current equipped piece of gear, performance/throughput, recently received gear to allocate the piece.

Questions, Disputes
If at any point you have questions during a raid regarding a specific gear allocation, we ask you whisper one of the people from the Council (primarily Quez, Porc, Azarak) directly, or we can go to a different Mumble channel with you to discuss the question or problem. We ask that you avoid halting raid and opening conversation about this in the main raid channel on Mumble.