Loot Policy

To keep the loot system simple for both the officers to keep track of and the raiders to follow, we have chosen to use a “Free Roll” type system. Basically, the item will go to the highest roller with the least amount of loot from the run. Off-Spec and “Free for All” loot is not limited aside from the off spec that you claim (i.e. if you are a shaman and claim Elemental as your off-spec, then you can’t roll on an enhancement item until it goes to free for all roll). The one caveat is that main spec Ascendants will not be able to roll till the “Ruthless Off-Spec Roll” is called. We have included some examples at the bottom of the page to hopefully answer any questions you may have. There is also a roll hierarchy listed out directly below to clarify things.

1: Ruthless Roll

The Ruthless main spec rolls only.

2: Ruthless Off-Spec Roll

The Ruthless off-spec and Ascendant Main spec only. (pieces not limited, but don’t be greedy. If no one else is rolling on the items then have at it, but if you’ve won things already, please share the wealth.)

3: Free for All roll

Roll on anything you may use in the future.

Keep in mind that all loot systems have their pros and cons. This one is especially easy to track but there is a potential for some lucky people to end up with a lot of items on the run. The downsides are that rolls need to occur quickly to keep the pace of the raid up and if you miss a call for a roll, you WILL miss out on the item. Do the research ahead of time to see which bosses drop which items and know whether or not you need them as an upgrade before we get there. Just because we don’t limit the off-spec or FFA rolls doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping track. Please be mindful that there are other people rolling on items and be courteous if you have been fortunate that run.

We will be keeping track of what off spec everyone has declared and you will be limited to rolling off spec only those items that will work for your spec.

Also, please note that gear gained from instances will be specific to that instance. Meaning that if you get gear from TOC, it will not preclude you from getting gear in ICC.

Example 1

Brutaliz and Hafrot are rolling on the Strength of the Automaton from Flame Leviathan. Brut rolls a 92 and Hafrot rolls a 12. Brut wins the ring.

Example 2

Brutaliz and Hafrot are both rolling on the Worldcarver from Ignis. Brut rolls an 86 and Hafrot rolls a 78. Brut already won the roll on the Strength of the Automaton from Flame Leviathan. So, Hafrot would win the Worldcarver.

Example 3

Brutaliz and Hafrot are rolling on the Shoulderplates of the Eternal from Auriaya. Haf rolls a 75 and Brut rolls a 70. Hafrot would win the shoulders because we both had the same number of items from the run and he has the higher roll.

Example 4

Brutaliz and Protwarriorman (Ascendant) are both rolling on the Titanskin Cloak from Mimiron. Since Brut wants it for off-spec and Protwarriorman is a protection main spec warrior, they will roll together. Protwarriorman rolls 45 and Brut rolls a 30. Protwarriorman gets the item.