PVE Basics


We want our members to enjoy playing the game the way they want to play it, but when it comes to raiding you are no longer playing for yourself. You are playing for the other members in the raid as well. As such, pursuing a raid spot will open you to a new level of scrutiny. As stated before we want players to play the way they want to play, but should there be an instance where someone is falling behind in their role, suggestions will be made by the Inquisitors/Officers to help them hold up their end of the group. This isn't a slight on your game play so please don't be upset if you're approached by someone in this regard. We simply want to be better and the only way we can see everything is with each others help.


Raid Nights

9:15 PM Eastern - Invites Begin
9:30 PM - 12:30 AM Eastern - Raid
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
We feel that within the predefined raid times, any dedicated guild can progress through content. Members who arrive to the instance on-time, prepared and ready to remain focused are rewarded with a seamless raid that is intent on downing bosses and pushing forward.


Attendance and Loot

Attendance will be taken throughout each raid night.  Partial credit is awarded for being on your main or a guilded alt when attendance is taken.  For example, if you are not in the raid and log-off halfway through the night, you will be given 50% attendance for that night.

It is strongly encouraged that you follow the live stream when available to become familiar with the fights being worked on.  You are welcome to participate and ask questions in guild chat, so following the live stream is sometimes just as rewarding as being in the actual raid.

  • If you are AFK when invites go out between 9:45 PM and 10:00 PM, you will be marked as absent.
  • You get credit for being online, even if you are on an alt. Remote WoW Armory chat does not count.
  • If you refuse a raid invite, you will be marked absent.

Effective 11/10/10: Any member who has not logged in in over 2 months is subject to be removed from the guild. If in the case the member wants to return to the guild. they are required to re-apply.

We use a loot council system that allows those with higher rank priority over loot over those that are still working to earn rank within the guild. Loot is tracked each night, and is reset each week.

Details surrounding our loot policy have been posted for review.

PC Performance and Required Add-ons

Iron MaidensWe hold all of our raiding membership to a standard of expectations. Keep in mind that you are not only entrusting your raiding experience with us, but that we are entrusting our experience with you. In doing so, we encourage all members to keep their PC performance maintained to eliminate lag and disconnects, and to keep their add-ons up to date. Raid-specific add-ons are required.  Versions are checked at the start of each raid.

If you have concerns about running mods, or are not able to due to PC performance issues, don't come to the raid. It seems harsh, but this is how strongly we feel about these mods and how serious we are about progression. All raiders able to follow this policy, keep a steady connection and reasonable FPS during encounters are considered when making rank adjustments.


Raiding Rank Expectations

We expect our raiders to be open, dedicated, resourceful, flexible and trusting.

  • Open - There may be cases where you might need help or someone else in the guild does. Being open means that you are willing to participate from either end of this interaction willingly.
  • Dedicated - show up to raids when you are expected with the correct gems, enchants and consumables. If you are going to be late or absent, let us know ahead of time so we can find a replacement. Also, it's imperative to know the boss abilities before you show up to a raid. I say it's important to know the abilities or phases of a fight simply because those things coupled with the raid make-up will, in some cases, dictate the strategy itself.
  • Resourceful - It's important to know your class well, so having good resources (friends of the same class, blogs, "spreadsheets", etc) is a must to keep up with changes. We also encourage you to be resourceful in-game by leveling professions and secondary skills to their utmost and leveraging those resources for raiding. (Best foods, more slots, JC gems, inscription shoulder enchants, etc)
  • Flexible - We will endeavor to maintain as much scheduling stability as is possible, but there will be cases where we may not have enough players to fill a 25 man raid. We won't waste your time by standing around for an extra hour waiting for people to log in. The raids will be called and we can move on to other things. Also, we may need people to fill roles they may not always fill (dual specs are highly encouraged). As such, we will rarely shard gear if it could possibly help someone's "off-set" so that they can fill a raid role in a pinch. We don't want to put ourselves in a situation where we to have to sit a raid night specifically because one person could not make a raid.  Also of note, we may just decide to pack up our crap for the night and head to Ulduar for some hardmodes, or maybe ToGC. Either way... be flexible.
  • Trusting - Trust is a strange word to toss around in a game that for the most part is so anonymous, but we have our reasons for pointing this out. A perfect example of what I am talking about is during the XT-002 Deconstructor fight in Ulduar. Invariably we end up with a paladin healer focusing on the main tank and then the other healers usually just focus on the rest of the raid and toss HoT's on the MT. If we are doing hard mode and the paladin has to move, they won't have time to explain their situation before the tank dies, someone else may just say "heal the tank" on Vent. This is not a case where we don't trust our healers enough to heal the main tank... we just need help on the tank because something else is going on and we certainly don't have time to explain why were saying it. So trust is very much a two way street. We trust that you know what you're doing and won't get insulted if someone says something like that on Vent.

For details on the various ranks within the guild, please visit Ranks.