Finishes Normals!!!


…but since I am lazy, there is only one post for the last 6 bosses and it includes the link to the video of our Garrosh kill! I think this says it all… Garrosh is dead! ><

Watch live video from Rawrcast on TwitchTV

We will be going through Flex to work on the meta mounts this Friday night at 10pm server- 1 am server for the last two wings. Mains only, please.

9-24-13-Spoils9-26-13-Malkorok9-26-13-Thok10-3-13-Siegemaster 10-8-13-Paragons

Guild Membership Meeting for October

In this month’s membership meeting, (after some brief technical difficulties) Haf talked about this past months success in Siege of Orgrimmar as Bound has seen its best month of raiding in Mists of Pandaria. He went on to talk about the decision to start a fresh raid instance in the last week of the month as opposed to pushing for the goal of a full clear in normal within the first month of 5.4 and that the guild missed an opportunity to progress when we got hung up on Thok without getting any attempts on Paragons of the Klaxxi. Bound also welcomed a new Inquisitor in Mystikmonk who will be taking over the melee role lead position. Special thanks to him and a “job well done” to all of Bound as we finish out the normal modes and get into heroics.

Watch live video from Rawrcast on TwitchTV

Screening Room: Transmog Shop

This parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” raps all the way to the World of Warcraft bank to get all that money and put it into transmogrifying your gear! Transmogging all the way back to Vanilla motherf%#!kers!

Mourning the Loss of Garrosh’s Subjects

Lo there do we see the rotting flesh of the minions of our misguided warchief strewn upon the ground as we move ever onward towards the coming battle with the son of ¬†Grom. The younger Hellscream’s end will not be one of heroism or sacrifice as his father’s was but one of shame at the ends of our blades and staves. Having worked our way through the Gates of Retribution and on into the Underhold of Orgrimmar, the way will be paved with more of the allies of the True Horde and enemies to those not fanatical in their views of Azeroth. Fear not though, intrepid adventurers! They will be alive next Tuesday! …unless we don’t finish out this week and need to extend again.

9-17-13-Galakras9-17-13-Iron-Juggernaut9-18-13-Dark-Shaman 9-19-13-General-Nazgrim

Siege on the Homefront

9-10-13-Immerseus9-10-13-Fallen-Protectors9-11-13-Norushen 9-12-13-Sha-of-Pride

Week 1 of Siege of Orgrimmar is over and Bound has completed Vale of Sorrows in the Siege normal raid. We are on track to finish normal within a month and then on to Heroics. The fights have been fun, but not especially taxing. So far the raid has done a very good job of knowing the fights before hand and Kweli, Nota, Pinnick and Hobo have done a fantastic job getting everyone on the same page through the forums. Even having to pug a few nights, things have been going well. Keep up the great work and we will be into heroics in a few weeks!

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