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Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace eats shit!

Sorry about these screen shots being posted so late. Vitals has been verbally abusing me on a daily basis about it. I feel shame… xxxxxxx

Iron Maidens

Operation Thogar successful.

Thogar tried to run a train on us, but he’s the one who ended up face down ass up. Have fun on em’ boys and girls. Don’t go easy and I’ll go last since I don’t mind sloppy seconds.  


Kologarn 2.0 down. Clap hands, Clap hands!

Great work on this boss guys. Dat pillar damage doe…


Dickbender down!

Great job Bound! 4 mythic bosses dead in 5 raid nights. Flamebender went down in 8 attempts, good shit!    


Grool so sweet…

Grool drippin’ from yo’ chin never tasted so sweet…