Fire up the BBQ


Help yourself to a tasty Thok burger.

Planning, teamwork and execution came together for a decisive Heroic 25-man kill on April 9th.  Working on Blackfuse – the end of this tier is in sight!

Catching Up: Mowing Heroics

6 Heroic Bosses in less than a month is pretty decent progress. Bound has made some big changes in the way we raid and it has paid dividends in our progress. Higher expectations, better preparedness and some tanks that can avoid a gouge have all contributed to propelling Bound to a level of raiding we haven’t seen since Firelands heroics back in Cataclysm.

Much thanks to the raid officers and to the raiders themselves for stepping up and working through the content. More to come very, very soon.

And yes, the sad little amateurish pic for Sha of Pride at the end was not done on Stomp’s laptop with all her fancy photoshops and fonts… don’t judge me!

10-29-13-H-Immerseus 11-5-13-H-Fallen-Protectors 11-6-13-H-Norushen 11-20-13-H-Galakras 11-20-13-H-Iron-JuggernautHeroic_ShaOfPride

Finishes Normals!!!


…but since I am lazy, there is only one post for the last 6 bosses and it includes the link to the video of our Garrosh kill! I think this says it all… Garrosh is dead! ><

Watch live video from Rawrcast on TwitchTV

We will be going through Flex to work on the meta mounts this Friday night at 10pm server- 1 am server for the last two wings. Mains only, please.

9-24-13-Spoils9-26-13-Malkorok9-26-13-Thok10-3-13-Siegemaster 10-8-13-Paragons

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