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Blog Posts


I’ll take the Iskar, well done please

Fuck yea! Iskar down in 7 attempts. Great job everybody and gratz on 8/13M. Zakuun up next!


Socrethar Ain’t So Eternal

Great job Bound! 2 new raid bosses in one night. 7 down 5 to go!!!!!


Gorefiend and Attendance boss down

Great fucking job killing Gorefiend! After missing 4 raid nights in August on this fuck, we’ve conquered him and the attendance boss. Bound gained a few great players in past 2 weeks and it showed on Gorefiend. Tempest gets photoshopped in since his ass decided to run to the next […]


Kilrogg Deadeye down!

Great job on Kilrogg guys!  5/13M and on to Fat Bastard.


RnG Council Down!!!

Great job powering through this RnG hell of a boss! Onward to Kilrogg!

Glory HFR

Meta down! This mount sucks?

Gratz to all who made it to the achievement run. It was a lot of fun and this mount is epic…. NOT!