Schedule of Events: April

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I’ve been a busy beaver. We’re excited to share some great small and large in-game events have been posted to the guild calender. Make sure to take a look and sign up for events that you can commit to attending.

  • Many folks would like to take a stab at more of the guild achievements, so we have a small 5-man Retro night where folks can get together and help with guild group runs.
  • Our 25-man Raids are still going long and strong with weekly Heroic Dragon Soul Raids. We’re sporting a great team, many of whom have played together for years.
  • And, for those that are already in the guild, we now FINALLY have a consistent Rated Battleground team. We’re seeing the results of a great team coming together.
  • Rawrcast has afforded us the opportunity to pick up LOADS of great PVP-focused players who fit right in to our style because they’ve listened to the show for years. That’s a huge deal! So, we are planning more cross-server events in the coming months.

This is a great time for Bound. Folks are coming back to WoW. Nuff said. Haf called it long ago.

It all kicks off with the next Guild Membership Meeting on Sunday, April 1, at 9 PM Central. Come with ideas about what you’d like to do with your time in-game between now and Mists of Pandaria.

And, if you’re still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, we have a place for you, too. Pinnick, Psyran, Ares and Kweli are already leading a strong team of folks on Operations. They may even be starting up a second team.

If you’re interested in joining Bound, please visit our website and post an application on the forums!

Pirate Day | Monday, Sept. 19 | 9 PM

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Represent Your Guild at this first Server-wide event,
hosted in part by Rawrcast: World of Warcraft Podcast and Bound.

  • Open 4.3 Q&A Discussions on Vent with Members of Bound
  • Participate in an Open Chat Room

WIN one of MANY [Epic] Prizes
GRAND PRIZE | (1)Magic Rooster Egg

Tentative Schedule

Vent Server Open to Public* 8:30 PM
Duels and 5+ PVP War Games 9 PM
Door Prize Giveaways** 10 PM
Pirate Raid on Alliance Capitals 10:30 PM

Vent Info

IP: | port: 25062 | pw: pirate
*password will be switched to public the date of the event


**Register for the Bound forums and post in our Open Discussions to RSVP for this Staghelm EXCLUSIVE Event. You MUST RSVP to participate in the Prize Giveaways!