Catching Up: Mowing Heroics

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6 Heroic Bosses in less than a month is pretty decent progress. Bound has made some big changes in the way we raid and it has paid dividends in our progress. Higher expectations, better preparedness and some tanks that can avoid a gouge have all contributed to propelling Bound to a level of raiding we haven’t seen since Firelands heroics back in Cataclysm.

Much thanks to the raid officers and to the raiders themselves for stepping up and working through the content. More to come very, very soon.

And yes, the sad little amateurish pic for Sha of Pride at the end was not done on Stomp’s laptop with all her fancy photoshops and fonts… don’t judge me!

10-29-13-H-Immerseus 11-5-13-H-Fallen-Protectors 11-6-13-H-Norushen 11-20-13-H-Galakras 11-20-13-H-Iron-JuggernautHeroic_ShaOfPride

Siege on the Homefront

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9-10-13-Immerseus9-10-13-Fallen-Protectors9-11-13-Norushen 9-12-13-Sha-of-Pride

Week 1 of Siege of Orgrimmar is over and Bound has completed Vale of Sorrows in the Siege normal raid. We are on track to finish normal within a month and then on to Heroics. The fights have been fun, but not especially taxing. So far the raid has done a very good job of knowing the fights before hand and Kweli, Nota, Pinnick and Hobo have done a fantastic job getting everyone on the same page through the forums. Even having to pug a few nights, things have been going well. Keep up the great work and we will be into heroics in a few weeks!

No Respect for The Elders

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If this is the fight that was supposed to hang up guilds that hadn’t finished Tier 14 (according to Ghostcrawler) then the raiding future of Bound is bright! Keep studying up on the new fights and show up ready to go and we will have the regular modes on farm and working heroics in no time! Great job and lets kill that tubby turtle in the cave this next week and work on fried Ji-kun!


Broken In

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Jinrokh can consider himself “broken in” after this week’s 25-man raid team stormed the gates of Throne of THUNDAH! This encounter is an example that knowing the mechanics and executing the strategy as a team leads to progress. Welcome to Zul’Jin. Welcome to the competition of running with a lot of other amazing raid teams.Jinrokh the Breaker


Please make the time to review combat logs from each of the raids and watch strat videos for upcoming bosses. That’s really the minimum we expect of Ruthless.

We can see the most challenging content in World of Warcraft but we can only do it if everyone is doing their best and working together. Together we are BOUND!

This message was brought to you by Haf! If you have any questions or feedback, please PM a member of Guild Management on the forums!