They Have Arrived

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Thank you again…IMG_3328
to everyone who purchased hoodies and t-shirts during our drive in Janury. It means more to us than you’ll know!
If you missed the t-shirt drive, we’ll put them on sale again (by demand) next month. Expect 4-6 week delivery after cut-off date. These custom t-shirts ended up taking some time to produce. lol

ShirtsSpecial THANK YOU to Abider for all of his hard work on these shirts, the guild website, and everything else! Next time you see him online, drop him a “good job”!

Post your pic with your official Bound digs on our Facebook page!

Schedule of Events: April

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I’ve been a busy beaver. We’re excited to share some great small and large in-game events have been posted to the guild calender. Make sure to take a look and sign up for events that you can commit to attending.

  • Many folks would like to take a stab at more of the guild achievements, so we have a small 5-man Retro night where folks can get together and help with guild group runs.
  • Our 25-man Raids are still going long and strong with weekly Heroic Dragon Soul Raids. We’re sporting a great team, many of whom have played together for years.
  • And, for those that are already in the guild, we now FINALLY have a consistent Rated Battleground team. We’re seeing the results of a great team coming together.
  • Rawrcast has afforded us the opportunity to pick up LOADS of great PVP-focused players who fit right in to our style because they’ve listened to the show for years. That’s a huge deal! So, we are planning more cross-server events in the coming months.

This is a great time for Bound. Folks are coming back to WoW. Nuff said. Haf called it long ago.

It all kicks off with the next Guild Membership Meeting on Sunday, April 1, at 9 PM Central. Come with ideas about what you’d like to do with your time in-game between now and Mists of Pandaria.

And, if you’re still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, we have a place for you, too. Pinnick, Psyran, Ares and Kweli are already leading a strong team of folks on Operations. They may even be starting up a second team.

If you’re interested in joining Bound, please visit our website and post an application on the forums!

#SWTOR Beta Test Weekend with @BoundGuild

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Join Bound members and Rawrcast listeners during this weekend’s beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • Experience group questing
  • Pop your flashpoint cherry
  • and PVP your living heart out

Saturday at 1PM Central

If you’re interested in joining Bound during the early access period starting soon, please register for our forums, post on this thread, and request membership at! Then BAM… you’re TORMMO-ing it up!

port: 25062, password: “ptrpeople!”

Bound Hog Wild Contest Entries

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As you may recall, we put a call out to our guild members last month for entries in our Hot Wild Contest. Members were encouraged to do something crazy in-game, capture it and present it through whatever media they like. Please take a moment to review the entries, then visit our public forums to vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced at next week’s Guild Membership Meeting, and awarded a brand new Mechano Hog on behalf of Bound!

Warning: As you might imagine, NONE of the entries are safe for viewing at work. Unless you work in a strip bar or a pork processing plan. You will see…

Hog Crying Game

Greatjon takes audiences into the bowls of emotion as he discovers the seedy underworlds of Durotar and the Barrens, in attempts to fufil his lust to feel alive.

Produced by: Greatjohn

Brought to you in part by Hillshire Farms… GO MEAT!

Cheaper by the Dozen 2: Bacon by the Pound

Kubuntu rounds up the kiddos and shuffles through the desert in search for they baby momma. The journey takes audiences past a rock and a tree. In the end, it’s a wave off!

Produced by: Kubuntu

Brought to you by Kate Gosslen

To Kill a Hogging Bird

Fondre and Laviolet, the once happy couple, seem to crumble under her jealous rage over… the Hog. Murder. Mystery.  Missing slow fall buttons. This has it all.

Produced by: Laviolet & Fondre

Brought to you by the letters F and U

Now that you have seen the entries, place your vote HERE for who should win the Mechano Hog, and bragging rights as the Hog-Wildest Mo-Fo in the guild (till something more important comes along.

We are Now Recruiting!

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With Cataclysm’s release around the corner, now is an amazing time to find the right guild! We hope that you will consider Bound on the US Staghelm server! We are a 21+ guild with a primary focus on 25-man raiding Pokies. Something is going on every night in Bound, and we have a well formulated guild structure which fosters communication and organization amongst team members.

Click on “Recruitment” to the left for more information and to apply!

Are you Bound?