Catching Up: Mowing Heroics

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6 Heroic Bosses in less than a month is pretty decent progress. Bound has made some big changes in the way we raid and it has paid dividends in our progress. Higher expectations, better preparedness and some tanks that can avoid a gouge have all contributed to propelling Bound to a level of raiding we haven’t seen since Firelands heroics back in Cataclysm.

Much thanks to the raid officers and to the raiders themselves for stepping up and working through the content. More to come very, very soon.

And yes, the sad little amateurish pic for Sha of Pride at the end was not done on Stomp’s laptop with all her fancy photoshops and fonts… don’t judge me!

10-29-13-H-Immerseus 11-5-13-H-Fallen-Protectors 11-6-13-H-Norushen 11-20-13-H-Galakras 11-20-13-H-Iron-JuggernautHeroic_ShaOfPride

Finishes Normals!!!

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…but since I am lazy, there is only one post for the last 6 bosses and it includes the link to the video of our Garrosh kill! I think this says it all… Garrosh is dead! ><

Watch live video from Rawrcast on TwitchTV

We will be going through Flex to work on the meta mounts this Friday night at 10pm server- 1 am server for the last two wings. Mains only, please.

9-24-13-Spoils9-26-13-Malkorok9-26-13-Thok10-3-13-Siegemaster 10-8-13-Paragons

Mourning the Loss of Garrosh’s Subjects

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Lo there do we see the rotting flesh of the minions of our misguided warchief strewn upon the ground as we move ever onward towards the coming battle with the son of  Grom. The younger Hellscream’s end will not be one of heroism or sacrifice as his father’s was but one of shame at the ends of our blades and staves. Having worked our way through the Gates of Retribution and on into the Underhold of Orgrimmar, the way will be paved with more of the allies of the True Horde and enemies to those not fanatical in their views of Azeroth. Fear not though, intrepid adventurers! They will be alive next Tuesday! …unless we don’t finish out this week and need to extend again.

9-17-13-Galakras9-17-13-Iron-Juggernaut9-18-13-Dark-Shaman 9-19-13-General-Nazgrim

Siege on the Homefront

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9-10-13-Immerseus9-10-13-Fallen-Protectors9-11-13-Norushen 9-12-13-Sha-of-Pride

Week 1 of Siege of Orgrimmar is over and Bound has completed Vale of Sorrows in the Siege normal raid. We are on track to finish normal within a month and then on to Heroics. The fights have been fun, but not especially taxing. So far the raid has done a very good job of knowing the fights before hand and Kweli, Nota, Pinnick and Hobo have done a fantastic job getting everyone on the same page through the forums. Even having to pug a few nights, things have been going well. Keep up the great work and we will be into heroics in a few weeks!

September Guild Membership Meeting

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Haf talked about the expectations for 5.4 with the patch dropping on Sept. 10th. The focus will be on preparedness and survivability with a goal of clearing normal 25 man Siege of Orgrimmar within a one month time table. A bit more than a boss a night is a lofty goal, but with everyone studying up before the raids, it is achievable.

Haf also talked about the Saturday night raids which will now shift more towards flex raids as opposed to LFR. As the new wings open, we will definitely go to Flex and will use some LFR wings to fill in for time until the entire flex raid is open then do Flex exclusively.

The Saturday night guild run schedule will look something like this.

  • Sat Sept 14, Flex Wing I
  • Sat Sept 21, Flex I and II and LFR I
  • Sat Sept 28, Flex I and II and LFR I and II
  • Sat Oct 1, Flex I, II and III with a single LFR wing
  • Sat Oct 8, Flex I, II and III  LFR wing III
  • Sat Oct 15,  Flex I-IV (no subsequent LFRs intended)

August Guild Meeting

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Haf talks briefly about what to expect between now and Sept. 10th, the release date for patch 5.4. He also mentions some of the raid roles as they stand and reinforces the push to recruit before raiding in Siege of Orgrimmar commences! We will have another guild meeting on September 8th that may preempt the Alt run that normally is scheduled for 9pm CST on Sundays, but we will try to make it worth the wait with some prizes!!

Watch live video from rawrcast on TwitchTV

25 Man is Merely a Guideline…

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For the first time since Dragon Soul, Bound has killed a 25 man heroic boss before nerfs or buffs or whatever… and we only had 23 in the raid (you may also note a dead rogue from the screen cap). After spending a few weeks on this boss, we were able to get him down. Lots can go wrong but we pulled it all together for a kill. Grats Bound!! Next up is the chicken fucker!