Rawrcast: World of Warcraft Podcast

Each week the fearless leadership of Bound (Stompalina, Hafrot, and occasional interlopers) get together and discuss each week’s World of Warcraft news topics, vent about noobs, and share toilet humor. We also welcome guests from time to time, ranging from Lore of TankSpot to Tim of El’s Extreme Anglin, all of whom who help to shape our in-game adventures, and our out-of-game community of players. We have quickly made quite a name for ourselves as a fun-loving couple who are open and responsive to our community, and who offer our perspective with a great personal edge.

iTunes Synopsis

Hosts, Haf and Stompalina, are a 30-something couple who live and love World of Warcraft. They bring simple, yet exciting viewpoints as end-game raiders, bloggers, and OCD achievement junkies. Guests and listeners add insight and opinion via the live chat room. He’s a little hardcore, she’s a little hardass.


Every Sunday @ 1PM, CST | visit www.rawrcast.com and click on LIVE

What does Rawrcast have to do with Bound?

Everything! Bound started as an educated guess at what the Rawrcast community of listeners and readers would want of a well-managed guild of adults. And, that is exactly what Bound has become.

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