Rank Adjustments


We can not stress enough the importance of letting us know ahead of time of any circumstances that may change your raid availability or your ability to perform the role you are being tasked with inside the raid. Our rank and structure is based upon consistent attendance, performance, and constant improvement.

For a complete list of our ranks and what they entail, please visit Ranks.


The Importance of Ranks

Ranks will be adjusted approximately every 4 weeks. Your rank status will directly effect loot distribution, and invites. So, it is important to communicate with guild management when/if circumstances change that will directly influence your ability to fulfill the role you are playing within the guild ranks.


Becoming The Ruthless

If you are an Ascendant, and you strive to be a Ruthless, please be aware that time and effort go hand in hand with noticeable improvement. We all strive to play at the top of our game, and with increased effort comes increased rank.

The Ruthless are also required to attend 80% of the raids per 4-week attendance cycle. Basically, if you miss 1 raid night consistently each week you will loose your Ruthless rank. And, ranks will likely be adjusted at the end of the 4-week cycle, unless a noticeable lack of attendance deems otherwise.


How Ranks Effect Loot Distribution

Attendance effects your rank, and rank affects who receives a roll priority on loot. The Ruthless are required to maintain 80% attendance to maintain their rank, and they receive first priority on loot since we can rely on their consistent attendance.

For more information about loot, please visit Loot Policy.



Please notify management as far in advance as possible of any anticipated absence by posting in the AFK section of the forums.


Extended Leaves

Everyone needs a break. Members can take up to a 3-week leave of absence within any two attendance cycles without loosing their rank. Most leaves are discussed and handled on a per-case basis, so make sure that you communicate your situation to a member of Guild Management prior to your leave.

If your leave is longer than 3 weeks, or you leave without giving notice, you will be demoted to Voyeur rank. While you are welcome to raid with the demoted rank, the raid spot priority is given to members with consistent attendance.