Garrosh 25H - 8.1.14


Founded June 2009, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. We are a Mythic raiding guild comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes to maintain raiding at a high level. Many of our members engage in debate about other games and collaborate within them as well.

Bound originally came together as World of Warcraft enthusiasts who found each other through the Rawrcast - a podcast show run by Bound's founders, Haf and Stompalina.  As of April 2014 the Rawrcast is on hiatus.

We used to have a strict 21+ age requirement. We have relaxed that to 18+ with a willingness to consider mature, high-performing raiders who act older than their age.  We don't guild children of guild members.


To be a community of mature, fun-loving people who share a passion for raiding in World of Warcraft.

Mission Statement

To clear Mythic content while it is current, and for that to be both an enjoyable individual achievement and social experience. Progression kills are exciting and memorable as personal achievements and team accomplishments.


Maturity - We want emotionally balanced people who can take constructive feedback about opportunities for self-improvement without getting defensive. Most of us are working adults, some of us are parents. WoW is something most of us do to take a break from the rest of our lives - and that's hard to do if you're inflicting your real-life drama on us.

Respect - We don't use bigoted speech in our raids or in guild chat. We don't condone verbal abuse or name-calling.

Integrity - We're honest and straightforward with each other. The officer team will give clear feedback and guidelines on past and future performance and behaviors.

Team Orientation - We strive to perform at a high level so we don't let our fellow raiders down.

Guild Management

Our guild management team has been exceptionally stable - some of us have been playing together since Vanilla. We manage our guild much like we manage our personal business. We've built our team by setting goals and leading by example. Our success has been proven year over year as we continue to have fun playing World of Warcraft together.

Pushing Progress

Bound prides itself on pushing our raiders to progress at a comfortable pace, while still holding a respectable server rank. Raiders earn rank by maintaining consistent attendance, showing progressive improvement, and by coming to raids prepared and ready to kick much ass.  Any member who earns rank, must also work to keep that rank by not slacking off or getting comfortable with their status in the guild.

For more information about Mythic Raiding in Bound, please visit PVE Basics.


We have two raid ranks - Ruthless and Ascendants. Raid invite priorities are based upon both rank and performance. Briefly, you earn ruthless rank by kicking ass, showing up, and being consistent. There is a rank for every player, from casual 2-4 hour a week players, to 3-night a week dedicated raiders.

For more information about our ranks, please visit Ranks and Rank Adjustments.