Fire up the BBQ

Help yourself to a tasty Thok burger. Planning, teamwork and execution came together for a decisive Heroic 25-man kill on…

Spoil Sports
Spoils of Pandaria

Ten down, four to go.  A great team effort – onward to Thok and Blackfuse!

Catching Up: Mowing Heroics

6 Heroic Bosses in less than a month is pretty decent progress. Bound has made some big changes in the…

Finishes Normals!!!

FINALLY SOME KILL POSTS!!! …but since I am lazy, there is only one post for the last 6 bosses and…

Guild Membership Meeting for October

In this month’s membership meeting, (after some brief technical difficulties) Haf talked about this past months success in Siege of…

New Mumble Server

We’ve moved VoIP server hosts. New login information is posted in the member section of the forums. KICKASS!

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