First mythic boss in Legion eats shit!

2016-09-29 22:50:10 kweli

Great job Bound.  We cleared heroic and killed our first mythic boss of the expansion.  Not a bad night.

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Emerald Nightmare is Here Boys and Toys

2016-09-17 23:06:17 kweli


Legion is here and another raid tier is about to start.  We’ve done a great job preparing for Emerald Nightmare.  Everyone’s gear looks to be on point and the strats look solid!  I heard Xavius was responsible for garrisons and HFC being 15 months long. Grab your strapons, but forget the lube.   We’re going to run a train on this fucker.

Xavius……Bound is coming for you…..

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I think we beat WoD...

2016-06-02 08:55:31 kweli

WoD Done Right

Congratz Bound!  I think we beat WoD.  Back in August and September, we missed 3-4 raid days due to not having enough folks on.  Between the roster turnover and the summer /afk’s it was a rough stretch for us.  I made this post back in September just to give an idea of what we had been through and what we planned to accomplish.  I’m posting it here again to show how far we came this expansion, despite all of the obstacles in our way.

“First off, I’d like to thank everyone for showing up every raid night and giving it your best. We’ve had a few short raid weeks due to that summertime attendance bug, but we’re powering through it and downing bosses. I truly appreciate everyone in the raid. I’m having a fucking blast raiding with you assholes and just want you guys to know we’re working harder than ever to keep this train rolling right up into Orgim’s butthole. No lube needed since its wider than the Strait of Gibraltar.

Raiding is harder than ever and there is pretty much NOTHING to do outside of raids. Thanks Blizz. These two factors have made it ridiculously hard to recruit and keep this raid team going. I’m making this post to give everybody an idea of how hard we’ve worked the last 9 months to keep this guild alive while maintaining a competitive raid roster. My hope is to give all you guys an idea of how hard we work and how hard we will work to keep raiding! We’ll keep recruiting quality people with the intention of faster progression.

Without further adieu, the list of people who have stopped raiding with us, mostly due to RL shit, since the opening of Heroic Highmaul on December 2nd, 2014. This list doesn’t include trials or bench raiders, only folks who were a legitimate part of our raiding team.

1) Darklink – Tank
2) Vanhohenheim – Tank
3) Haftanked – Tank
4) Verrah – Tank
5) Lunastone – Feral/Tank
6) Ladasha – Heals
7) Trollinmon – Heals
8) Zeratai – Heals
9) Mizuiro – DPS/Heals
10) Infe/Infx – Heals/DPS
11) Noots – DPS
12) Burningcutz – DPS
13) Kerthorok – DPS
14) Pekks – DPS
15) Ktjn – DPS
16) Aeoshot – DPS
17) Mystikmonk – DPS
18) Menciaa – DPS
19) Arcus – DPS
20) Amandella – DPS
21) Zral – DPS
22) Sanctuowl – DPS
23) Azrael – DPS
24) Akapipes – DPS
25) Xionyus – DPS
26) Slickduality – DPS
27) Jaberwockyx – DPS
28) Waddlewaffle – DPS
29) Rumo – DPS

Fucking crazy right? We’ve lost 29 core raiders in the span of 9 months. Despite all that, we’ve downed 2 new raid bosses this week. We’re ranked 6th on the realm and probably will move up to 5th very shortly. Wowprogress has us at US-248, while guildox has us at US-191. Guildox tries to take out guilds that have broken up. That means there are approximately 60 guilds who are ranked above us on Wowprogress that have stopped raiding. Again, fucking crazy right? We’re going to finish this tier, get everybody their mounts, get gold capped and have some fun doing so.

Thanks again everyone for showing up every night and kicking ass!”

Needless to say, I think we achieved ALL of our goals and them some.   We finished the tier, farmed 25 Archimonde mounts for all of our raiders, got everyone gold capped, and had a shit ton of fun doing so.  Thank you to everybody for logging in, kicking ass, and having fun.  It’s the Bound way.  Enjoy the break and be ready to hit it hard in Legion.  Bound, we got big plans for you!

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Founded June 2009, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. We are a 20-man Mythic raiding guild comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes to maintain raiding at a high level. Many of our members engage in debate about other games and collaborate within them as well.

Our goal is to clear 20-man Mythic content while it is current, and for that to be both an enjoyable individual achievement and social experience. Progression kills are exciting and memorable as personal achievements and team accomplishments.

Bound is open to anyone who has an interest in playing World of Warcraft with other mature players, who possess a considerable amount of raiding experience, and a drive to play through competitive endgame content. After reading more, please feel free to submit an application for membership as an Ascendant.

WoW Guild Rankings

Several of our guild members stream.  Check them out on our live raids page.

Mythic Raids:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15 PM-12:30 AM Eastern

Heroic / Normal Sunday:

9:15-?? PM Eastern