Only you can prevent wipes....

2016-10-06 19:08:17 kweli

Great job Bound on this fuck of a boss. Once we figured out the fight wasn’t much of a dps check and handled the mechanics, this Bear went down. And not the type of Bear that typically go down on Quez either.

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Spidey Bitch down!

2016-10-02 22:46:37 kweli

Gratz on this kill Bound!  Fun boss, fun times, on to the Bear.  Don’t get too excited Quez….

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First mythic boss in Legion eats shit!

2016-09-29 22:50:10 kweli

Great job Bound.  We cleared heroic and killed our first mythic boss of the expansion.  Not a bad night.

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Founded June 2009, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. We are a 20-man Mythic raiding guild comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes to maintain raiding at a high level. Many of our members engage in debate about other games and collaborate within them as well.

Our goal is to clear 20-man Mythic content while it is current, and for that to be both an enjoyable individual achievement and social experience. Progression kills are exciting and memorable as personal achievements and team accomplishments.

Bound is open to anyone who has an interest in playing World of Warcraft with other mature players, who possess a considerable amount of raiding experience, and a drive to play through competitive endgame content. After reading more, please feel free to submit an application for membership as an Ascendant.

WoW Guild Rankings

Several of our guild members stream.  Check them out on our live raids page.

Mythic Raids:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15 PM-12:30 AM Eastern

Heroic / Normal Sunday:

9:15-?? PM Eastern