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Heroic Highmaul done. On to “Mystik” raiding!

Great job everybody!  We met our goal of clearing Heroic Highmaul in under two weeks.  We pretty much blew through the first 6 heroic bosses and then killed Heroic Mar’gok with an average ilvl of 651.  Not too shabby.  Keep up the great work and lets have some fun rubbing our sacks on all up on dem warlords!!


Cya later MoP, its been fun.


We MoP’d up SoO and now its time to move on.  We were able to get all of our ruthless raiders their Jugg mounts, get a bunch of guildies their mythic clear, and throw a little cash in the gbank.  I’d call that a successful tier.  Great job Bound!  We’ve come a long fucking way since the beginning of this expansion and I see nothing but great things ahead for us.

All right, enough with the sappy shit.  Its time to lube up our shafts with a spit WoD and sodomize these warlords!


Guild Membership Meeting October

We discuss our plans for Mythic raiding and what our goals are as a raid team.  If you have any questions about what was discussed, hit up Kweli or another officer.  Oh and there are tits,

All hail Marquis Kweli


Just like we all do at times it’s time for me to gain some levels IRL.. which entails me going back to school to get edumacated. With me taking on this out of game raid the leadership has transitioned and Kweli is now our fearless leader!!

Although I’m not quitting the game, I unfortunately will not be able to raid with my awesome guildies for the time being. So because I’m writing this and posting it I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who has been involved in our progression through SoO as well as our guild growth. I had the best time raiding through SoO and was very proud of the goals we were able to accomplish.

With this being said I’m looking forward to what our guild can do in Mythic and into WoD. I’m very confident we’ll be able to achieve new heights.

Thanks for all the fun and I’ll see you around Azeroth and beyond!

/salute – Pinnick

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